Little Hoover Pension Ideas Are a Mixed Bag

(Sacramento, CA) —  The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from Roxanne Sanchez, President of  SEIU Local 1021, on the release of the little Hoover Commission’s report on pensions today:

“We agree with the Little Hoover Commission that the retirement security system for public employees needs to be fair to both workers and taxpayers.  Transparency and accountability benefit everyone and will help to reign in abuses at the top, such as spiking, double-dipping, and bloated executive pensions – all solutions we have long advocated for. We also applaud the Little Hoover Commission for correctly identifying employer ‘pension holidays’ – when employers paid nothing into the system – as a problem.

“However, there are proposals in the Commission’s report that are fundamentally unfair to workers and unwarranted by the facts. Reneging on our commitments to current workers is an act of bad faith, and giving local governments the authority to impose lower benefits unilaterally through legislation is absolutely wrong. Taking away workers’ right to negotiate retirement benefits is an attack on the collective bargaining process itself.

“Public workers understand that we are in an economic crisis, and hundreds of thousands of workers have already made agreements with the state and with local governments to ensure that our retirement security is sustainable.”

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