SEIU California on the Release of Field Poll Findings

(Sacramento, CA ) – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from President Bill A. Lloyd on the Field Poll findings made public today:

“Despite the barrage of misinformation leveled at public servants by anti-worker special interests, the majority of Californians share our support for collective bargaining that is essential to middle-class opportunity for our state’s families, and our view that by working together, we can improve – not erode – the retirement security every Californian deserves.

“But Californians deserve a debate about retirement security based on facts, not scare tactics.

“The truth is that workers are already partnering with state and local governments to make sure our retirement security system is sustainable. A bipartisan agreement achieved through collective bargaining last year saved taxpayers $400 million, with public employees contributing more to funding their pensions and new employees working longer. More than 130 local governments have realized pension savings through collective bargaining.

“Another overlooked fact is that 80% of public employees such as nurses, school employees, college professors, and child protection workers who retire receive less than $2,500 a month in retirement benefits, and many public workers will receive no Social Security. Nearly 80 cents of every dollar in benefits comes from workers’ contributions and investment earnings. We build our retirements through a lifetime of hard work and paycheck contributions, so we will continue to lead the way on reforms that make pensions strong and sustainable.

“We agree with voters that abuses found at the top of the pension scale must be curbed, and we’ve championed solutions to halt double-dipping, spiking and to cap over-the-top pensions.     These reforms – not a move to more costly, less secure 401k style plans – are the way to restore voter confidence in a pension system that for 70 years has been the path to dignified retirement for those who devote their lives to public service.”

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