Budget Cuts Are Only Half the Solution

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California, representing 700,000 workers throughout California, released the following statement from Executive Director David Kieffer on Governor Brown’s signature of bills that will implement $14 billion in budget cuts to critical services:

“Faced with a terrible budget mess, Governor Brown and the majority of legislators showed tremendous leadership in crafting a balanced approach to the state’s budget problems that will get California’s fiscal house in order and put our state on the path to job creation and economic recovery.  But cuts are just part of the solution; we must maintain existing revenues.

“The Governor’s plan has earned the support of working families, business throughout the state,  farmers,  teachers, parents, and an array of usually divergent voices because most Californians recognize that we are in a crisis and cannot continue to do nothing.

“Unfortunately, while a handful of Republican legislators are willing to engage in serious budget negotiations, the rest of their party, led by an extremist minority – is trying to block them from doing the right thing.

“As a result, voters may not even get the choice to maintain existing revenues and prevent much deeper cuts to schools, colleges, and other vital services. This will jeopardize our economic recovery by impeding on our ability to create jobs and hurt millions of Californians, falling hardest on our children and seniors, with more crowded classrooms, shorter school years, and seniors left to struggle for survival on their own.”

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SEIU California is a union of over 700,000 janitors, social workers, security officers, home care workers, school and university employees, healthcare workers, and city, county and state employees represented by SEIU local unions throughout California. We come together to build a better California by fighting to pass policies and elect candidates that benefit working families and advance the issues we care about: affordable healthcare, good wages, retirement security for all, a healthy environment, good schools and universities, and stronger communities. We believe that by working together we can build a California where working families can thrive again.

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