Public Employees and Retirees Protest Roger Niello’s Attack on Retirement Security

SACRAMENTO – More than 50 California public employees and retirees staged a protest Wednesday in front the luxury car dealership partially owned by former Sacramento-area Assemblyman Roger Niello, a multimillionaire who filed a ballot proposition to gut retirement benefits for public servants.

Public employees and retirees, including firefighters, scientists, engineers and teachers, urged a boycott of Niello’s dealerships in the Sacramento area, home to more than 60,000 state employees.

“This poorly crafted proposition amounts to an assault on California’s middle class,” said Harvey Robinson, President of the Retired Public Employees’ Association of California. “It is time for our leaders to start standing up to corporate interests who are part of a national attack on public workers and their retirement security.”

The average state employee brings in a $26,000-a-year pension.  “That can’t buy a single new car on this lot.  Some retirees take home less than $1,000 a month – barely enough to cover health care and living costs, let alone a car payment,” Robinson said.

Retirees and the 60,000 state employees in the Sacramento region play a critical part in supporting its economy. Niello’s proposition will hurt the economy at a time it can least afford it. Protesters also called for the support of other dealerships that back state workers and retirees who contribute to the region’s economy.

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