CSU San Bernardino Students, Faculty and Staff Launch Online Campaign

(San Bernardino, CA) – California State University (CSU), San Bernardino students, faculty, and staff launched an aggressive online campaign today, urging legislators to “Stand up for California” and keep the doors to higher education open to Inland Empire students by supporting Gov. Jerry Brown’s budget plan.

Following a rally on campus, students, faculty and staff set up mobile action stations that allowed ralliers to immediately email Senator Bill Emmerson (R-Riverside) and other Inland Empire legislators urging them to protect the CSU system from more cuts by maintaining existing revenues. Students also departed to hand-deliver messages from the campus community to Senator Emmerson’s Riverside office.

“For students like me who come from struggling families, college is our path to a better future. More cuts will result in higher fees and reduced access, turning this dream into a painful disappointment for too many students,” said Sean Phillips, a student. “Today we are launching a campus campaign to Stand Up for California’s future by providing students, faculty, staff and our community tools to help all our voices be heard.”

After $1 billion in cuts made to the CSU and University of California systems earlier this year, Governor Brown’s budget plan maintains current revenues so California won’t have to make even deeper cuts to education that is so critical to our future.

A state budget that doesn’t maintain existing revenues — the approach some Inland Empire legislators prefer — would mean $15 billion more in cuts, and hundreds of thousands of qualified young people turned away from California’s public colleges and universities.

“If we don’t maintain existing revenues, California risks breaking the promise it made to generations of young people – the promise that if you work hard you can succeed, no matter what your background,” said Dr. Patricia Little, an Assistant Professor of Sociology at CSU San Bernardino. “CSU San Bernardino faculty ask Senator Emmerson to join us in supporting Governor Brown’s budget so the next generation of Californians have the same opportunities we received to grow, flourish, and contribute to our state as educators, entrepreneurs and leaders.”

CSU San Bernardino students and educators are among families, seniors, parents, business owners and others who have put aside their differences to support Governor Brown’s balanced approach to closing the state’s budget gap and move California’s economic recovery forward. The governor’s plan includes cuts he has alrea

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