Yucaipa residents pay local leaders a visit, demand action

With budget decisions expected to be made in Sacramento in the next three weeks, local residents and community members paid a visit to Assemblymember Paul Cook’s office Thursday with a simple message. The teachers, parents, business owners and public safety officers put their differences aside and united their voice to protect their schools, seniors, public safety and their community from more devastating cuts.

During the visit, they detailed the impact budget cuts have already had on their community. Susan Adams, a local senior wants Assemblymember Cook to take a stand for seniors like her.

“Cook says he cares about our seniors, and in the coming weeks we’re going to see if his actions match his words. Another $10 billion in cuts will put every part of the already tattered safety net for seniors at risk.”

Others in the crowd called for the Assemblymember to protect higher public education. Area resident Natalie Dorado wants Cook to pay it forward:

“Assemblymember Cook enjoyed the advantages of a strong, well-funded public system of higher education in California and has even taught higher education courses here, so he understands. We are counting on him to extend the same opportunity to the younger generation.”

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