Santa Clarita to Smyth: Listen to your parents

Valley families are suffering. Public safety, education, and essential services that so many residents count on have already had devastating cuts. And without action, it could get a lot worse.

That’s why parents and other community members paid a visit to Assemblymember Smyth’s Santa Clarita office on Tuesday to talk about how the budget cuts already made have taken a heart-wrenching toll on their families and the communities Smyth represents. And it could get worse unless existing funding is maintained. A lot worse.

Locally, five school districts in the Santa Clarita area stand to lose $764 per student — that’s over $23,000 per class of 30 students. Things like tools and supplies for higher learning, responsible class sizes and important teacher support staff could be at risk.

An all-cuts budget this year will force billions in additional cuts to California schools, which will result in tens of thousands of additional layoffs and shorten the school year in many districts by as much as 30 days.

For local parent Lori Christian, that doesn’t add up.

“Chopping a whole month off the school year for K-12 students and turning young people away from higher education is no way to build a strong economy We are urging Assemblymember Smyth to stand up for California’s future and stop the extreme cuts to education.”

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