Republican Workers Launch Effort to Regain Voice in Republican Party

(SACRAMENTO, CA) – Saying it’s time for their Republican Party to once again represent the values of middle-class families, Republican members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California today launched a new political action committee that will enable working families to regain a voice in the Republican party – a voice that has been drowned out by a minority of extremists.

The Golden California Committee will work to elect legislative Republicans who share the moderate values that once made the California GOP strong: rewarding hard work, investing in the quality schools, colleges and infrastructure that underpin a strong economy, and doing right by children and seniors.

“More and more it seems like the California Republican Party is representing ideological extremists, not middle-class families like mine who are looking for the responsible leadership and the practical solutions we need to move our state forward,” said John Orr, a parking officer at Cal State University Fullerton and a lifetime Republican. “We’re launching the Golden California Committee to give working families like mine a real voice in our party again.”

Richard Preuss, a retired Chula Vista Police Department Community Relations Specialist, joined SEIU members from across California, representing SEIU’s estimated 87,000 registered Republican members, in announcing the formation of the Golden California Committee in a teleconference with reporters today.

The new SEIU election strategy comes as voters are increasingly frustrated with legislative gridlock in Sacramento, and as the constitutional budget deadline nears without resolution. Pressure by extremists have blocked a balanced budget solution despite $13 billion in cuts to critical priorities including higher education and health care for seniors made earlier this year.

The announcement by Republican working families today also comes as a draft of new legislative district lines is scheduled for release by the Citizens Redistricting Commission this week. New district boundaries, coupled with “top-two” primary election reforms which will be tested statewide for the first time in 2012, are expected to present a new political landscape which offers increasing opportunities for working families to make their voices heard in districts with strong Republican voter registration.

“For decades, California’s Republican Party stood for practicality and responsibility. We were the party that helped create in-home care to help our seniors retain their independence and dignity, and the party whose governors like Reagan and Wilson showed real leadership in closing budget gaps with a combination of revenues and budget cuts,” said Donald Killmer, a Department of Education employee and Republican from Sacramento. “Working families are coming together to launch the Golden California committee because we want our party once again to present real solutions and to speak to the aspirations and hopes of California families.”

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