Budget Agreement Shows by Joining Together, California Moves Forward

(SACRAMENTO) – The Services Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from Executive Director David Kieffer following the legislature’s passage of a state budget:

“While the budget agreement adopted by the Legislature today is not perfect, it demonstrates how far we have come because Californians came together like never before to move our state forward. In the last six months, businesses and workers, farmers and environmentalists, seniors and students, teachers and parents, law enforcement officials and faith leaders — everyone except Republicans – joined together to help solve the crisis facing our state.

“Recognizing that shared sacrifice was the only way forward, California communities accepted more than their share of painful cuts in March. Had Republican legislators been willing to do their part and stand up to extremists in their party, we could have made more progress toward California’s long-term fiscal solvency.

“Without Republicans willing to partner on responsible reforms, Governor Brown and the Democratic majority in the legislature have done everything possible to keep California working and to protect those who have been hit from every direction – including vulnerable children and seniors — from more cuts.

“California’s fiscal mess wasn’t created overnight, and hard work remains to be done. During next year’s elections, moderate Republican voters will have a chance to break the extremists’ grip on their party and steer the California GOP back to the middle-class values we all share: hard work, educational and economic opportunity, and caring for our children and our seniors.”

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