Senate Stands with Cutthroat, Global Property Service Contracting Industry Instead of Workers and Our Families

SACRAMENTO, CA – Following the failure of AB 350 (Solorio) in the Senate, the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from Mike Garcia, President of SEIU United Service Workers West (SEIU-USWW):

“The California Legislature had an opportunity to do something exceptional in this era of excessive corporate power: stand up for regular people. AB 350 would have given hard-working security officers and contracted food service workers a chance to prove themselves on the job as contracts change hands in the cutthroat, multi-billion dollar global property services industry. AB 350 is about keeping Californians working and off the unemployment rolls. It’s about economic recovery.

“Unfortunately, the Senate chose to side with corporate power over working families.

“The corporate lobbyists walking the halls of the Capitol scoffed at the very idea of being held to a standard of decent treatment of workers, and these Senators demonstrated that the corporate lobbyists’ arrogance was well-founded.

“The workers of California deserve better. We will continue our fight for dignity and stability in the workplace.”

# # #

SEIU California is a union of over 700,000 janitors, social workers, security officers, home care workers, school and university employees, healthcare workers, and city, county and state employees represented by SEIU local unions throughout California. We come together to build a better California by fighting to pass policies and elect candidates that benefit working families and advance the issues we care about: affordable healthcare, good wages, retirement security for all, a healthy environment, good schools and universities, and stronger communities. We believe that by working together we can build a California where working families can thrive again.

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