Statement in Response to Veto of AB 101

Sacramento, CA – SEIU California released the following statement by Tonia McMillian, a child care provider from Bellflower, in response to the veto of AB 101.

“We are profoundly devastated by today’s news. Like the foundation of a house, we are the hidden support for California’s economy as it struggles to recover. And the foundation is crumbling. Child care providers – nearly 80,000 throughout California – desperately needed this legislation so that we could improve our lives and the lives of the families we serve.

“Child care providers get up early every day, often before 5:00 am, to do the work that keeps California working. We work late into the night to give moms and dads peace of mind while they are at their jobs. We help children get prepared to succeed in school. And we help children grow up healthy and strong – that’s the part of our work you can’t put a price on.

“Yet the broken system in which we operate threatens our jobs and the well being of families. 5,700 child care providers shut their doors last year, in large part because California’s broken child care system made it impossible for them to stay in business. Payments come late, or are arbitrarily reduced or denied. Meanwhile, mortgage companies don’t want excuses. Fixing this broken system is the reason we’ve come together to ask for a seat at the table and the right to join together with a common voice.

“We will not give up. We’ve been strengthened by the legislative and community support we’ve received. California’s working families are counting on Governor Brown to be the champion we all need. He has learned just how broken the child care system is. We invite him to continue hearing from the child care providers who are living on the edge because California hasn’t listened to their voices. We are asking for a seat at the table and a chance to strengthen the profession we love.”

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