SEIU California Endorses Hahn and Richardson in 44th Congressional District

Two Current Congresswomen Earn Working Families’ Backing

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California today announced endorsing Rep. Janice Hahn and Rep. Laura Richardson in the newly redrawn 44th congressional district. SEIU California’s endorsements are made in a town hall process in which members evaluate candidates’ policy positions, listen to them speak, interview them, and then make their decisions. The town halls are open to all members in each district.

Hahn and Richardson are both champions for working families and current members of Congress. The dual endorsement means SEIU members recognize both Congresswomen as outstanding candidates who will stand with workers in our fight to rebuild the middle-class.

“Congresswoman Laura Richardson is a hard-working champion for working families and our communities — pragmatic, progressive, and experienced,” said Renai Davis, a long-term care worker from Long Beach. “SEIU is delighted to endorse the Congresswoman in her bid to represent the 44th Congressional District.”

“Working families know from decades of experience that we can count on Congresswoman Janice Hahn to stand up for us,” said Simboa Wright, a Los Angeles City worker from the 44th District. “We know that if she represents us, we’ll have a champion and a friend.”

Hahn, a former Los Angeles City Councilmember and current member of Congress in the 36th district, fought alongside hotel janitors and other workers for living wages and fair treatment. Richardson, a former State Assemblymember who has represented the 37th district in Congress since 2007, has championed the investments in education that lead to good quality jobs and economic security for working families.

Previous SEIU endorsements can be found here. As more member-driven town halls take place in the coming weeks, SEIU California expects to announce additional endorsements.

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SEIU California is a coalition of over 700,000 janitors, social workers, security officers, home care workers, school and university employees, healthcare workers, and city, county and state employees represented by SEIU local unions throughout California. We come together to build a better California by fighting to pass policies and elect candidates that benefit working families and advance the issues we care about: affordable healthcare, good wages, retirement security for all, a healthy environment, good schools and universities, and stronger communities. We believe that by working together we can build a California where working families can thrive again.

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