Legislature Puts Court Bureaucracy On Notice Over IT Mis-Spending

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California, released a statement from Jim Partridge, a San Diego County court reporter, on the Assembly Budget Subcommittee’s decision to halt funding for the California Courts Management System (CCMS) project:

“It is refreshing to see California’s Legislature injecting some common sense into the debate over the CCMS with their decision to halt further funding on this misguided project.

“Today, the Legislature reasserted its constitutional authority – and responsibility — to hold the Administrative Office of the Courts accountable for taxpayer dollars.

“Court workers have taken the lead in shining the light on wasteful spending because every dollar directed to this misguided project is a dollar taken away from serving justice in our communities.

“As a court worker, I see the result of the Administrative Office of the Courts’ misguided priorities: backlogs in serving families looking for justice, doors of our courts closed to businesses seeking to resolve disputes.

“As the budget process continues, we are hopeful the Legislature continues to put make justice the highest priority for our courts.”


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