SEIU Launches First Independent Expenditure Spanish Language Radio Ads In Support of Jose Hernandez for U.S. House

New Ad in Competitive California 10 Congressional Race

SACRAMENTO, CA – Today members of the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) announced they will begin airing two 60-second Spanish language radio ads in the hotly contested Congressional race in California’s 10th District. “Representation” and “Education,” are the first two ads in an aggressive Spanish-language radio campaign that will run in the Sacramento, Modesto and Merced media markets through Election Day.

“Time and again Jeff Denham has proven that he is against us here in California with his votes against Pell Grants, against the DREAM Act and even against help for us facing foreclosures,” said Cathy Lowe, a home care worker from the 10th District. “Working people need someone in Congress who will fight for us. That’s why I’m voting for Jose Hernandez for Congress.”

“It’s clear that Jeff Denham and Mitt Romney think alike when it comes to investing in our future and looking out for our community, but two wrongs don’t make a right and that’s why this November 6th Latino voters are going to vote to keep the state and country moving forward,” said SEIU Secretary-Treasurer Eliseo Medina. “This election has enormous consequences for California and the country because we cannot afford Jeff Denham’s extreme agenda anymore.”

Both ads can be heard here:

“Representation” – Spanish

SENIOR MAN: No puedo creer que estos republicanos quieren cortar el Medicare, yo no puedo pagar 6 mil cuatro cientos dólares más por año a una compañía de seguro…

ADULT WOMAN: Ay Pa… ya empezaste otra vez.

SENIOR MAN: Pero es importante. Mira las elecciones para el Congreso. El congresista Jeff Denham es uno de los republicanos que voto para esencialmente acabar con el Medicare

ADULT WOMAN: ¿Y viste que Denham votó en contra del Dream Act de nuestro estado, que apoyaria a nuestra comunidad

SENIOR MAN: Mija, es lo que estoy diciendo. Es otro politico que no está de nuestro lado.

ADULT WOMAN: Si Pa, las elecciones están a la vuelta de la esquina, y tenemos la oportunidad de votar para sacar a Jeff Denham de su oficina.

SENIOR MAN: Bueno ¿quién es la otra opción?

ADULT WOMAN: José Hernández, ¿te acuerdas de él? Él luchará en contra de ese tipo de leyes.

SENIOR MAN: Ah… si, el astronauta, ¿no?

ADULT WOMAN: Él es uno de nostotos. El se crio en el Valle , trabajo duro, y el va a usar esa misma determinación para luchar por nosotros en el Congresso.

SENIOR MAN: ¡Estoy de acuerdo mija, Hernández es nuestra mejor opcion para en el congreso!

DISCLAIMER: SEIU COPE pagó por este anuncio y es responsable del contenido. No autorizado por ningún candidato ni comité de un candidato. SEIU punto org.

“Representation” – English

SENIOR MAN: I can’t believe these Republicans want to cut Medicare; I can’t pay $ 6,400 more a year to an insurance company…

ADULT WOMAN: Oh Dad… here you go again.

SENIOR MAN: Well, this is important. Take the local elections for Congress. Congressman Jeff Denham is one of the Republicans who voted to essentially end Medicare

ADULT WOMAN: And do you realize that Jeff Denham voted against our state’s DREAM Act which supports our community

SENIOR MAN: That’s what I was saying child. He’s another politician who isn’t on our side.

ADULT WOMAN: Yes dad, and elections are just around the corner, and we have the opportunity to vote Jeff Denham out of office.

SENIOR MAN: Well who’s the other option?

ADULT WOMAN: Jose Hernandez, remember him? He’ll fight against these types of laws.

SENIOR MAN: Oh… yes, the astronaut, right?

ADULT WOMAN: He’s one of us. He grew up in the Valley, he worked hard and he is going to take that same determination to fight for us in Congress.

SENIOR MAN: You’re right, daughter, Hernandez is the right choice for us.

DISCLAIMER: SEIU COPE paid for this ad and is responsible for the content. Not authorized by any candidate or candidate committee. SEIU dot org.

“Education” – Spanish

YOUNG MAN: Wow! la elección presidencial ya está a la vuelta de la esquina. ¿Puedes creerlo?

YOUNG WOMAN: Bueno pero no olvides que las elecciones locales también son importantes…

YOUNG MAN: Si… pero ¿cómo se que mi voto importa?

YOUNG WOMAN: ¡Claro que importa! A ver si sigues diciendo lo mismo cuando nos corten ayudas escolares como las becas Pell.

YOUNG MAN: Wait… y, ¿quién lo quiere cortar?

YOUNG WOMAN: Jeff Denham, el congresista Republicano.

YOUNG MAN: Pero si lo hace ¿cómo podré pagar para la universidad? Digo, tengo ahorros pero las becas Pell sigue siendo muy importante para mi.

YOUNG WOMAN: Y no termina ahí, votó contra el California DREAM Act

YOUNG MAN: What!? También oí que el apoya la ley discriminatoria de Arizona

YOUNG WOMAN:Yo sé – Jeff Denham sería terrible para nosotros.

“Education” – English

YOUNG MAN: Wow! The presidential election is just around the corner. Can you believe it?

YOUNG WOMAN: Well, but do not forget that the local elections also are important…

YOUNG MAN: Yeah… but, how do I know my vote matters?

YOUNG WOMAN: Of course it matters! Lets see if you still think that way when they cut our college aid, like Pell Grants.

YOUNG MAN: Wait … and who wants to cut it?

YOUNG WOMAN: Jeff Denham the Republican congressman

YOUNG MAN: But if he does it, how could I pay for college? I mean, I have savings but Pell Grants are still very important to me.

YOUNG WOMAN: And he won’t stop there, he also voted against the California DREAM Act

YOUNG MAN: What!? And I heard he supports the discriminatory Arizona law.

YOUNG WOMAN: I know – Jeff Denham would be terrible for us.


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