Election Night in California Moves Middle Class Forward

Labor enthusiasm and boots on the ground make the difference in Propositions 30 and 32, state legislative races

Statement from SEIU State Council:

“The more than 700,000 members of SEIU in California celebrate Election Night victories up and down the ballot. Working families united to defeat the deceptive Proposition 32, which tried to silence our voices and hand more power to billionaire CEOs; pass Proposition 30, which prevents billions of dollars in school cuts; and secure Democratic supermajorities in the Assembly and State Senate.

“During this election our members demonstrated that when we put our boots on the ground and join our voices together, we win victories for California families, students and the middle class. SEIU deployed thousands of volunteers across the state to remind people to vote on Election Day and drive voters to the polls. In Los Angeles County alone, hundreds of volunteers fanned out in neighborhoods over the weekend to contact more than 150,000 voters.

“By defeating the deceptive Prop. 32, working people can continue to speak out on issues that matter to the middle class. By passing Prop. 30 and helping to elect Democratic supermajorities in the Assembly and State Senate, we prevented devastating cuts to schools, and have put the state’s budget on a strong path.”

“Importantly, this historic effort shows that far from being a ‘win-win’ for its secretive backers, Prop. 32 ignited the passions of working families and contributed to victories across the state. Conservative ideologues should think twice before attempting a farce like Prop. 32 again.”


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