In-Home Caregivers Applaud Ruling Giving Them the Same Work Protections Others Enjoy

Joint statement of CUHW, SEIU locals in California (ULTCW, UHW, and Local 521), and UDW on new FLSA rules governing overtime and federal minimum wage:

The release of new federal rules giving in-home caregivers the same overtime and minimum wage protections that other workers enjoy is long overdue. As our population of seniors and people relying on in-home care continues to grow, it is crucial that the work that allows them to live safely in their homes is fairly recognized and remunerated. In-home caregivers perform difficult, strenuous, vital work, and for far too long, caregivers’ work has not been recognized or respected.

At the same time we celebrate this milestone for caregivers, we are absolutely committed to ensuring that this change does not have a negative effect on the ability of seniors and people with disabilities to get the care they need to stay safe and healthy at home. Treating workers fairly and ensuring access to care are two sides of one coin: providing quality care to all those who need it. Working with seniors, people with disabilities, and elected leaders, we will strenuously oppose any efforts to restrict consumers’ access to care.

As one of the leading states in implementing home and community-based care, California will continue to reap the savings in both lives and dollars for its continuing investment in quality in-home supportive services and the caregiving workforce.

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