Assembly Passes Bill to Prevent Wage Theft, Protect Honest Businesses


May 28, 2014

Sacramento, CA – The California Fair Paycheck Coalition and the Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from David Huerta, President of SEIU United Service Workers West, following the Assembly’s vote to approve AB 2416, the Wage Theft Recovery Act (Stone).

“The California Fair Paycheck Coalition applauds the Assemblymembers whose vote for AB 2416 today brings California a step closer to ensuring the laws that protect workers and honest businesses are enforceable.

“Though the California Chamber of Commerce and business industry lobbyists furiously spun lies and distortions about the bill, legislators heard loud and clear from the workers who are victims of wage theft crimes, and from the honest businesses who are demanding a level playing field.

“The facts are clear: over the last year, seven in ten low-wage workers were cheated of the wages they earned. Billions of dollars are sucked out of our economy by businesses who refuse to pay overtime required by law, demand that employees work off the clock, or shave hours from time sheets.

“The Wage Theft Recovery Act, AB 2416, creates a clear standard that prevents unscrupulous businesses from ducking their responsibility to pay workers, and levels the playing field for honest companies that play by the rules. Now it is the Senate’s turn to stand with workers and honest businesses by supporting the Wage Theft Recovery Act.”

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Dozens of labor, community, and workers’ advocacy groups form the California Fair Paycheck Coalition; members include the Service Employees International Union, Koreatown Immigrant Workers Alliance, California Labor Federation, California Immigrant Policy Center, National Employment Law Project, Graton Day Labor Center, the Garment Worker Center, the Wage Justice Center and La Raza Centro Legal.

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