Small Business Owners Call for Fairness in New Ad Campaign

SB 610 Faces Assembly Vote This Week

Sacramento, CA – Before a critical vote on SB 610 (Jackson) on the Assembly floor this week, small business owners who’ve had their businesses taken away by giant corporate franchisors are speaking out. A new statewide ad campaign illustrates why the legislation is essential to the survival of California small business owners who are franchisees and the one million jobs they support.

“The big corporations are telling lies about SB 610, but small business owners like me are speaking out because Californians deserve to know the truth: SB 610 is the chance for our family stores and our workers to succeed,” said Kathryn Slater-Carter, a franchisee who had one of her McDonald’s restaurants taken away by the corporation. “The franchise system promises a partnership between big corporations like McDonald’s and small business owners like me, but the fact is franchisees like me put up all the risk and have no rights; we can lose our businesses overnight.”

The 30 and 60-second versions of the ads began running statewide this weekend on broadcast and internet radio stations such as Pandora.

SEIU California has joined with small business people who are franchisees of large corporations like 7-Eleven and McDonalds to push for basic fairness in the franchise business model so small business owners who are franchisees and their workers have a chance to succeed.

Franchisees are urging support of SB 610 in the Capitol and in a series of online videos that can be viewed here:

Hear the radio ads here:

60-Second Script: “Solution”

90,000 Californians run small businesses that are franchises.

They employ almost a million Californians, but large, multinational franchise corporations like 7-Eleven and McDonald’s are driving many of them out of business.

Three years ago McDonald’s told us they would not renew our franchise.

We went to our attorney, and he said we have no rights.

This is the business I spent my whole career building, and they just take it away. Often, you can’t even sell it.

The large corporations turn around and sell the franchise they’ve taken for a huge profit.

Small franchise owners banded together to support a solution: SB 610 protects franchise owners from having their franchises arbitrarily taken away, and it provides protection for them when they speak out against corporate abuses and greed.

Go to franchisee-fairness-dot-org and join me and other California small business owners who are telling the legislature to pass SB 610 for franchise fairness.

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