California Assembly Stands Up for Small Businesses with “Yes” Vote on SB 610

Sacramento, CA – Leading advocates for fairness for franchisees applauded the passage today of SB 610 (Jackson) in the California Assembly on a 41-27 vote.

“California franchisees are striving to be a part of California’s economic future,” said Keith Miller, Chairman of the Coalition of Franchisee Coalitions, Inc., and a Subway franchise owner. “The Assembly’s ‘yes’ vote on SB 610 brings us one step closer to stabilizing our small businesses so we can continue serving the needs of California’s communities and providing jobs that build our economy and provide for families.”

“Today, franchise agreements are so one-sided, franchisees have virtually no say in the businesses we’ve risked our life savings and dedicated years of our lives to build,” said Kathryn Carter, a McDonald’s franchisee. “Corporate headquarters control nearly every aspect of our business – we can be punished for speaking out or joining with other franchise owners to improve business conditions, and the franchises can even be shut down for arbitrary reasons – as mine was.”

“With the Assembly’s stamp of approval on SB 610, we call on the Senate to quickly approve the amended version of the bill and send it to the Governor’s desk,” said Miller. “Like Governor Brown, franchisees are dedicated to improving California’s economy and innovating to make California a leader in job creation. SB 610 protects California small businesses and jobs.”

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