California Franchisees Urge Gov. Brown to Stabilize Small Businesses, Create Jobs

Senate Concurrence Vote Sends SB 610 to Governor’s Desk

Sacramento, CA – The California State Senate voted to send a final version of SB 610 to Governor Brown’s desk today, bringing California a step closer to stabilizing small businesses and supporting job creation. Representing a coalition of franchisees in the fast food, convenience store and other industries, 7-Eleven franchisee Jaspreet Dhillon made the following statement:

“With SB 610 on his desk, Gov. Brown now has the opportunity to help small businesses like mine grow and succeed.

“Every day, franchisees are being squeezed by giant corporate franchisors who control every aspect of our business. We even face losing everything we’ve invested over arbitrary decisions made in far-away corporate headquarters.

“Franchisees work hard and have put our own savings at risk to create businesses that are important in our communities; we are only asking for basic fairness and the opportunity to contribute to our local economies.

“We urge Gov. Brown to sign SB 610 to protect small businesses and California jobs.”

Dhillon operates a 7-Eleven franchise in Reseda.

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