State and Local Officials Spotlight Widespread Wage Theft in San Jose

Workers share how wage theft damages families, drives poverty Elected leaders share state and local solutions to multi-billion annual wage heist

San Jose, CA –Assemblymember Kansen Chu (D-San Jose) and City Councilmembers Magdalena Carrasco and Ash Kalra will participate in “A Fair Day’s Pay” forum with San Jose workers on Friday, May 29. The forum will spotlight how wage theft denies workers the opportunity to participate in the American Dream and leaves families in poverty.

Common forms of wage theft include paying less than the minimum wage, paying workers for fewer hours than were worked, misclassifying workers as independent contractors, or failing to pay overtime rates as required by law.

A report from the Santa Clara County Wage Theft Coalition found an “epidemic” of wage theft affecting local workers: From 2012-2013, the almost 2,000 workers who filed claims with the San Jose office of the Labor Commissioner were awarded $8.4 million in owed wages. But because our current laws are difficult to enforce, workers could collect only $2.8 million (33% of the total awarded).

In addition to hearing the firsthand stories of affected workers, elected leaders will join worker advocates and labor leaders to discuss how actions are needed at both the state and local levels to collect unpaid wages, protect workers from further abuse, and enforce existing labor laws to curb wage violations.


  • State Assemblymember Kansen Chu
  • San Jose City Council members Magdelena Carasco and Ash Kalra
  • Community and Labor leaders
  • Workers who have experienced wage theft

What: Forum on the widespread problem of wage theft and the state and local solutions needed to protect workers and level the playing field for honest businesses.

When: Friday, May 29, 2015 11:00am


    Our Lady of Guadalupe Church, McDonnell Hall
    2020 East San Antonio Street, San Jose

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