SEIU California Urges Gov. Jerry Brown to Sign SB 1234, Deliver Secure Choice Retirement for Private Sector Workforce

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement today after the Assembly passed SB 1234 (De León). The bill would implement a new retirement investment plan that would help alleviate a looming epidemic of poverty among California seniors by providing a way for private sector workers to save for retirement through automatic paycheck contributions.

Yvonne R. Walker, President, SEIU Local 1000 said:

“SEIU is proud to have worked alongside Senate President pro Tempore Kevin De León to advance SB 1234 to Governor Brown’s desk. Our members championed this bill in the Capitol and in communities across California because every Californian who works hard over a lifetime deserves the opportunity to retire with a basic level of dignity. With Governor Brown’s signature on SB 1234, California will strike a significant blow against an epidemic of senior poverty and lift up those people most at risk: our state’s women, people in low-wage jobs, and people of color.”

Miguel Guerra, a janitor who will be able to save for retirement with SB 1234 said:

“A simple way to save for retirement will make a world of difference for people like me who work hard but have no opportunity to save at work. Too many people of my generation have no choice but to work until we die. By signing SB 1234, Governor Brown can ensure the next generation of private sector workers can look forward to a dignified future.”

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