Statement of SEIU California on the passage in the Assembly of AB 676, Child Care Training

The following statement was made by Riko Mendez, Chief Elected Officer, SEIU Local 521:

“Child care workers are greatly encouraged by the Assembly’s support of AB 676, the Child Care Stability and Health Safety Act, and the recognition that the health and physical well-being of early educators is vital to a safe teaching environment for our youngest children.

“As any working parent can tell you, stable, reliable child care is essential to maintaining their jobs. When child care workers are hurt on the job and forced to close for even a day, there is a ripple effect for communities and the workforce. Parents must miss work, employers lose productivity and children miss a day of learning. The ability for child care workers to receive training, skills and knowledge needed to prevent serious injuries and continue working will be a benefit to all who depend on the child care system.”

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