SEIU California Supports Decision to Spend More Time Developing California Healthcare Reform

Sacramento, CA — SEIU California released the following statement from President Laphonza Butler on SB 562:

“SEIU strongly supports the concept of single payer, and we are committed to moving our healthcare system toward universal coverage, especially given the the very real attacks on healthcare at the national level.

“SB 562 has opened up a crucial conversation about how California should proceed in the face of these federal attacks on our healthcare. We intend to explore all available options to ensure a sustainable, equitable, universal healthcare system in California.

“There is a lot of work to do on SB 562, and we remain eager to engage in that conversation. We hope to see this important proposal keep developing so that it includes: a democratically accountable governance structure; a stronger commitment to the best practices in prevention and cost control; meaningful engagement of seniors, people with disabilities, and caregivers in designing long-term care services; a clearer recognition of the vital role that public healthcare safety net services play in our communities, and a truly progressive tax structure.”

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