SEIU Members Applaud Budget That Reflects California Values of Human Dignity, Inclusion, and Opportunity

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union – California released the following statement from President Laphonza Butler on the FY 2017-18 budget signed by Governor Brown today:

“In a time when our federal government no longer seems to share the values of the American people, SEIU members in California are proud that our state budget reflects Californians’ values: dignity for all, inclusion, workers’ rights, and opportunity.

“While Trump and his allies in Congress are backing away from federal labor law enforcement, California is investing more in it, spurred by the stories of people like Jose and Marina, janitors at a movie theater who were robbed of $83,000 by their employer.

“Likewise, California is answering the national attacks on our immigrant neighbors and family members by investing in legal and other services for immigrants so that people like Yesenia, a California DREAMer whose sister was deported, can have a fair day in court.

“And while Congress proposes to make radical cuts to care for seniors and people with disabilities in nursing homes, California is updating safe staffing standards in nursing homes for the first time in a generation and establishing a direct care standard for the first time ever. This historic step forward came as a result of the testimony of nursing home workers like Graciela, who shared the story of how heartbroken she was when a beloved patient she cared for passed away with no one by her side because of short-staffing.

“Working people are fighting for our values and fighting to protect our ability to organize and have a say. California’s budget answers the national attacks on labor unions by ensuring that workers have a chance to learn about their union and their rights as workers.

“The working people of California are on the right side of history, and together with our Governor and our Legislature, we are not backing down.”

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