Assembly Public Safety Committee Votes to Improve Public Safety, Reduce Costs by Reforming Broken Bail System

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California, co-sponsor of SB 10 (Hertzberg), applauded the Assembly Public Safety Committee for passing the measure to reform California’s broken bail system on a 4-2 vote.

SEIU California President Laphonza Butler said:

“SEIU members applaud the Assemblymembers who took a stand today against an immoral and unjust system that metes out punishment regardless of innocence, robs from families and locks neglected communities and people of color in a cycle of poverty.

“Riana Buffin, a 19-year old woman from Oakland, was arrested on charges that were later dropped. But ‘justice’ was never served in Riana’s case; because Riana didn’t have $30,000 to pay bail, she lost her job as an airport baggage handler, punished for a crime she never committed.

“SEIU members are proud to deliver justice in California counties that have chosen a more cost-effective, safe, and just system of pre-trial supervision. SB 10 gives California the opportunity to adopt these sensible, tested reforms statewide, relieving a costly toll on California’s taxpayers and families and rebuilding trust and equity in our justice system.”

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