SEIU Floor Alert: SUPPORT AB 398 AND AB 617

The Service Employees International Union respectfully request your “aye” vote on AB 398 and AB 617 when it is before you on the Floor.

Combined, these measures reflect our state’s dedication to get clean air for all Californians while protecting our environment and economy from the harmful effects of climate change.

Too many working people in California, including SEIU members and our families, live and work where the impact of air pollution associated with climate change is prevalent and severe — whether it’s a family member who has asthma or another chronic illness linked to air pollution, or poor air quality forcing everyone to remind inside. These measures recognize that protecting the environment and improving public health are inextricably linked.

AB 398 and AB 617:

  • Include strong air quality provisions that address emissions from multiple sources that are hurting our communities’ public health
  • Require retrofitting on facilities that are decades old and bringing industry standards up to current technology to improve air quality and public health
  • Adjust air pollution penalties that haven’t changed since the 1970s, taking away a competitive advantage for bad actors
  • Ensure Californians in underserved communities—and communities most impacted by air quality problems—receive the greatest benefit
  • Increase Legislative oversight through the Joint Committee on Climate Change Policies
  • Creates a new committee of independent experts that will review both the economic and environmental integrity of the Cap and Trade program

SEIU proudly supports the efforts to advance climate equity and improve air quality for our communities.

We strongly urge your “aye” vote on AB 398 and AB 617.

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