Defeat of Devastating Trumpcare Bill Demonstrates the Power of #Resistance

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from President Laphonza Butler on the defeat of Trumpcare in the United States Senate:

“This morning’s bipartisan vote to protect healthcare for millions of Americans is the direct result of the growing and powerful resistance to Trump. Call by call, day by day, we are growing our movement of hard-working people, families, seniors and all people of conscience who are determined to protect the lives of our loved ones and the values of compassion and opportunity we hold dear.

“This victory belongs to Californians like Patricia Santana, a home care worker fighting to preserve the Affordable Care Act’s protections for pre-existing conditions so her husband, who lives with diabetes and prostate cancer, can access life-saving care. It belongs to fighters like Tonia McMillian, a child care provider who fell into the holes created by low pay and huge premiums before Obamacare. The ACA enabled Tonia to stabliize her health so she can keep her doors open to hard-working parents and their children.”

“And this victory belongs to every American who stood up for the human right to healthcare. Together, we demonstrated the power of ordinary people to prevail when we unite, organize, and fight. SEIU members are more committed than ever to lead the resistance to Trump and to defeat injustice wherever it exists.”

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