SEIU California Calls on Congress to Intervene and Keep Legal Protections for Salvadoran Immigrants

Nearly 200,000 TPS Holders from El Salvador Living in California and Across the U.S. Losing Legal Right to Work and Live in Communities

SACRAMENTO — The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from David Huerta, president of SEIU United Service Workers West (USWW), on the Trump Administration’s senseless decision to end protection for Salvadoran workers who legally work in California and across the United States under the Temporary Protected Status (TPS) program:

“Mercilessly attacking immigrants and ending humanitarian programs that build families up may grab the attention the Trump Administration wants for its hostile anti-immigrant agenda but Americans understand that it just doesn’t add up to end the TPS programs for thousands of people who are working and contributing to our California economy. True leaders look for ways to build up the economy. Instead, our communities will be dealt a serious blow when families are broken apart, when parents and children are separated, and when we see the near simultaneous layoffs of 200,000 Salvadoran TPS recipients currently employed, costing employers nearly $1 billion in immediate turnover costs.

“We are losing invaluable workers thoroughly vetted by the government, we are losing mothers and fathers who are working to provide the best for their families, and neighbors who have invested in their communities. People like Veronica who fled El Salvador in 1997 because of a devastating earthquake. Close to obtaining her college degree and losing everything in El Salvador, Veronica persevered in the United States, pursuing her education, working as a janitor and volunteering as Promotora at a women’s center while raising two children.

“SEIU California calls on Congress to act swiftly and intervene with a legislative solution to protect Veronica and the thousands of Salvadoran TPS recipients who are hardworking individuals, pay taxes and contribute to our communities and are mothers and fathers to U.S. born children.”

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