With Newsom Victory, SEIU CA Members Position California to Advance Bold Vision for Inclusion & Justice

Sacramento, CA — The 700,000 members of the Service Employees’ International Union (SEIU) in California are celebrating the role working people played in advancing values of inclusion and justice this election night.

“SEIU members gave our all to fight for our California vision in this election — we walked thousands of miles knocking on doors, worked phone banks in our evening hours, and lit up our social networks to fight for candidates like Gavin Newsom who share our commitment to opportunity and inclusion,” said Roxanne Sanchez, President, SEIU California and SEIU Local 1021. “Today, California voters embraced our agenda — for affordable health care, quality child care, and worker rights, and they rejected the politics of division and hate — in overwhelming numbers.”

At a time when the Trump Administration and corporate interests have escalated attacks on workers and aimed to divide working people by diminishing collective bargaining rights, today’s victory in California is even more significant.

Child care worker Anna Rodriguez from Watsonville and member of SEIU Local 521 said, “Volunteering to help elect Governor Gavin Newsom and other pro-worker candidates this year was exciting and empowering. So many of my sisters became involved because for the first time we had a chance to elect a governor who has explicitly committed to ensuring child care workers have the right to form a union so that we can improve early education, support working moms like us, and care for our own families.”

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