SEIU Members’ Voices Make a Crucial Difference

State Budget Proposed by Governor Newsom Builds a Foundation for California Dream

052318 SEIU 193
What happened:
We worked hard to elect Governor Gavin Newsom, a leader with bold ideas and a strong commitment to working people. Newsom’s first state budget proposal is the values-based budget we were looking for; it shows how working people’s voice at the ballot box translates into tangible improvements in Californians’ lives.

Governor Newsom said he views “the California Dream as a house we are building together,” and this budget lays a strong foundation by:

  • Doubling the size of the Earned Income Tax Credit to $1 billion – putting more money in the pockets of low-income workers
  • Expanding the opportunity for health care access to undocumented young adults
  • Investing $1.4 billion more in higher education, including a second free year of community college tuition
  • Infusing $2.2 billion into early education and pre-school
  • Increasing IHSS funding by more than 15%
  • Using carrots and sticks to make housing more affordable
  • Delivering care to people experiencing homelessness

What’s next:

  • The Governor’s January budget proposal is just the first step in the process of passing the state’s spending plan for the fiscal year that starts July 1, 2019.
  • We still have work to do to make the state’s spending plan is the foundation for working people and the next generation need to access the California Dream. As the Assembly and Senate take the next few months to put the legislature’s imprint on the budget, you’ll be hearing from your local union about ways to make your voice heard.

Our key priorities include:

  • Ensure that child care providers have a voice in building an early education system that works for children, parents, and providers.
  • Build on the one-time expansion of IHSS funding in the Governor’s proposal to secure the investments California’s seniors and people with disabilities need for a secure future.
  • Make sure Governor Newsom’s proposal for the nation’s first 6-month paid family leave law requires corporations to do their part to support working parents and families.

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