Union Women Have More Opportunity

Ya basta promotoras

It’s Women’s History Month! We want to celebrate all our strong women workers in our union and how they strengthen the labor movement.

Women Workers in CA

Our union is made up in a large majority of women workers. 7 out of our 10 members are female and 6 out of 10 female members are women of color. Aside from fighting for good workplaces, these women also fight to close the wage gap between women and men. Studies show that women in California are paid 86 cents for every dollar paid to men, amounting to an annual wage gap of $7,227.1 This wage gap is even higher for women of color. It is important that we, as a union, continue to empower women in the workplace to speak up but also close the inequality gap. No matter our gender we deserve to be treated fairly in the workplace. Women in unions earn higher wages by up to 26%. By contract bargaining, fighting for benefits, and wage increases, women union members have that advantage of building their futures.

Building Their Futures

Benefits like health insurance, retirement plans, and apprenticeship opportunities within the union also allow women to grow in their careers and quality of life. The likelihood of accessibility to workplace covered healthcare insurance is 32 percentage points higher for union workers compared to non-union workers (76% versus 44%). Many SEIU members who are women also have opportunities to participate in internships for career advancement that might not otherwise be available to them. Working toward laying foundations for the future, these benefits provide support that’s vastly needed for women in the workplace.

SEIU Local 2015 IHSS providers finishing a CLTCEC course expanding their skills to provide quality care to their patients.

SEIU Local 2015 IHSS providers finishing a CLTCEC course expanding their skills to provide quality care to their patients.

Strong Women, Strong Leaders

All throughout our locals, we see the strength in women member leaders! From the “Ya Basta” Promotoras of USWW, who speak up against sexual harassment at their workplaces, or to the Mothers of Local 2015 who double as care providers for their children with disabilities. These are just a couple examples of who our members are, throughout California there are many stories similar to these. Working women who have used their union to build up other workers around them and lead on to countless victories and opportunities.

1. CA Women and the Wage Gap, April 2017.

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