Statement of Bob Schoonover, SEIU California and SEIU Local 721 President

“No Californian should have their health care compromised by high prices – when seniors have to cut their pills in half or parents put off taking kids to the doctor because they can’t afford co-pays, we know we must do more to make care affordable.

“That’s why SEIU members applaud Governor Newsom’s focus on making health care affordable for working people and the communities we serve.

“Creating universal, affordable health care is possible when the public sector, workers and private employers stand on the same side, on behalf of all consumers, and demand fair prices from the pharmaceutical companies and the health care industry as a whole.

“The Governor’s approach to lowering prescription drug prices, paired with worker-backed legislation to hold health plans, pharmaceutical companies, and hospitals accountable for fair prices, deliver needed federal funding for a strong health care system, and invest in care for underserved Californians are the foundation of a healthy California for All. SEIU members are proud to be a strong voice in this fight so essential to ensuring every person in our state can realize the California Dream.”

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