SEIU California Workers Applaud Budget That Creates Opportunities to Reach the California Dream

Workers will fight to protect future care for elderly and disabled Californians

Sacramento, CA – The Service Employees International Union (SEIU) California released the following statement from Bob Schoonover, SEIU California and SEIU Local 721 President, after Governor Gavin Newsom unveiled his revised budget proposal for 2019-2020:

“With a strong focus on the pocketbook issues affecting California’s working families and the people SEIU members serve, Governor Gavin Newsom’s revised budget proposal embraces our call for a state where every person–regardless of race or economic status–has an opportunity to achieve the California Dream.

“This budget takes important steps toward achieving the human right and economic imperative of health care for all Californians. Delivering more help to people struggling to afford health coverage and breaking down unjust barriers to health care for undocumented young adults are crucial steps toward the truly universal system of health care access, quality and equity that we will fight relentlessly to achieve for all Californians. As workers who deliver dignity to people forced onto our streets by soaring rents, low wages, substance use and mental illness, we are encouraged to see a focus on the services and supports necessary to alleviate homelessness. We also welcome investments which will help students learn and grow by providing more adequate staffing, training, and special education resources in K-12 schools.”

“The working people of SEIU California are energized to build on the foundation this budget creates as we aim for justice, equity, and opportunity — the California Dream — for all. SEIU childcare providers – a passionate workforce of early education experts who reflect the strength of our state’s Black, Brown, and White women — are eager to help realize the Governor’s vision for a quality early childhood education by standing together in their union to strengthen learning opportunities for children and economic opportunities for working families. This budget falls short in terms of long-term care for elderly and disabled Californians, leaving their future care in limbo, an injustice we will fight to correct.”

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Over 700,000 Californians make up SEIU in California; we work throughout the state, in all 58 counties, and we represent California in all of its diversity. We are social workers, nurses, classroom aides, state workers, security officers, college professors, home care workers, janitors, doctors, and more.

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