2020 Vision

It’s amazing what happens when SEIU members get together. From improving things like education and healthcare to real immigration reform, they laid out their vision for 2020.

As we look forward to 2020, SEIU members in California envision a state where every individual is valued, where work is rewarded, where our communities flourish, and where our families have opportunities to grow and thrive.

We will enact a working families agenda for California through passage of local, state and national policies and ballot initiatives, and this agenda will include:

Promoting Californians’ health and well-being

Our members will work to provide universal access to quality, affordable healthcare, helping Californians get healthy and stay healthy, helping aging Californians and people with disabilities live safely and stay healthy at home, and providing the support and services that vulnerable and marginalized members of our society need. Our vision of a caring and inclusive society encompasses every Californian, including immigrants, seniors, people of all ethnicities, families living in poverty, the homeless, the mentally ill, neglected and abused children, people with developmental disabilities and their families, those who are struggling with addictions, as well as prisoners and those re-entering society.

Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform

Passing Comprehensive Immigration Reform so that our society can draw on and fully include the talents and contributions of all Californians.

Creating excellent, affordable educational opportunities


Creating excellent, affordable educational opportunities at every age, starting with early childhood education and extending through higher education, lifelong learning and job training. Our vision of successful education includes a holistic view of a child’s life and what it takes to help that child learn, thrive, and become a strong contributor to our society.

Building quality public services

Building quality public services at every level of government by funding services adequately, innovating, and creating high standards for the use of taxpayer dollars in our cities, counties, schools, courts, and state.

Creating good, union jobs in California in both the public and the private sector

Through strategic investment, raising and maintaining standards, and empowering more workers to come together in unions and bargain for better pay, benefits, and working conditions.

Building retirement security for all Californians

Building retirement security for all Californians so that future generations of seniors do not struggle in poverty.

Creating an informed and involved electorate

Creating an informed and involved electorate by engaging more working Californians in our political process and by promoting easy access to voting for all. Our goal is for California to become a national leader in civic participation across all of our diverse communities.

We know that in order to achieve this vision, we must build our strength and our ability to create the changes we envision. That’s why more than 300 SEIU California members joined together to make this our priority, and set the path to victory.

Photos from 2013 SEIU California Member Convention

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