SEIU in California

Over 700,000 Californians make up SEIU in California; we work throughout the state, in all 58 counties, and we represent California in all of its diversity. We are social workers, nurses, classroom aides, state workers, security officers, college professors, home care workers, janitors, and more.

We work in four primary areas: healthcare, long-term care, public services (both state workers and local), and building services.

Health Services

Over 150,000 nurses, LVNs, professional hospital employees, doctors, lab technicians, and other support staff in the health care industry are advocating for better patient care and safe conditions for workers and patients.

We are represented by:

  • SEIU-UHW (United Healthcare Workers)
  • SEIU Local 221 (Public health workers in San Diego and Imperial Counties)
  • SEIU Local 521 (Public health workers in North Central California)
  • SEIU Local 620 (Public health workers in Central Coast Counties)
  • SEIU Local 721 (Public health workers in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties)
  • SEIU Local 1021 (Public health workers in Northern California)
  • SEIU Local 121RN (RNs in Southern California private hospitals)
  • SEIU-CIR (Committee of Interns and Residents)
  • SEIU nurses in California join together as the Californian Nurse Alliance of SEIU.

Long Term Care

Over 150,000 home care and nursing home workers have united to improve wages and provide health and other benefits for workers and to protect needed services for seniors and people with disabilities.

We are represented by:

  • SEIU-ULTCW/Local 6434 (United Long-Term Care Workers)
  • SEIU-UHW (United Healthcare Workers West)
  • SEIU Local 521

Public Services (State & Local)

Over 350,000 state employees, social services workers, court employees, public health workers, school and community college employees, child care workers, university faculty and support staff, and local government employees are fighting for the services that all Californians need and use.

We are represented by:

  • SEIU Local 1000 (State employees)
  • SEIU Local 99 (Classified school employees in Los Angeles County)
  • SEIU Local 221 (Local government employees in San Diego and Imperial Counties)
  • SEIU Local 521 (Local government employees in North Central California)
  • SEIU Local 721 (Local government employees in Los Angeles, Riverside, Orange, San Bernardino, and Ventura Counties)
  • SEIU Local 1021 (Local government employees in Northern California)
  • SEIU Local 1983 (CSU Faculty)
  • SEIU Local 2579 (CSU Employees)

Property Services

24,000 janitors, security guards and other maintenance and service workers are united in fighting for living wages and family health care.

We are represented by:

  • SEIU USW West, United Service Workers

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